This site is for educational and entertainment purposes only!

Stonerscolony does not store any physical goods of any kind nor sell any physical goods.

Stonerscolony has no shop or premise at all.

Stonerscolony is a stand alone site not connected with any other website at all

All review based data and media up to and including sampling strains is carried out from the Netherlands where cannabis is legal.

Stonerscolony will not sell you cannabis, seeds or any other physical products, so don't ask!

Stonerscolony WILL test merchandise to review, such as new products but this does not include cannabis itself, sorry.

Stoner City Special Points (game special currency) is NONE refundable. Buying Special Points requires confirmation before being processed to prevent any accidents. This goes for all methods of purchasing Special Points.

Stoner City players found trying to claim back transactions after points have been used in game will be suspended until the reasons behind the charge back have been explained. If no suitable explanation is given you may be banned.